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au jus  To serve with the natural juices or gravy. 
bake  Cook by dry heat in an oven; or to cook pancakes on a griddle. 
baking (pizza) stone  It is best to bake pizza and bread directly on a hot surface, and a baking stone provides the hot surface needed.
baking sheet  Good baking sheets (also called cookie sheets) are thick, and the best are insulated. Nonstick baking sheets can make life easier. 
barbecue  To roast meat slowly on a spit or grill over coals, or in the oven, basting frequently with a highly seasoned sauce.
baste  To moisten foods during cooking with drippings, water or seasoned sauce, to prevent drying or to add flavor.
beat  To work a mixture smooth with a regular, hard, rhythmic movement. 
blanch  To immerse fruits or nuts in boiling water to remove skins or make easy to peel; also, to dip fruits and vegetables in boiling water in preparation for canning, freezing or drying. 
blend  To mix two or more ingredients until smooth and uniform. 
blind bake  To bake a piecrust before it is filled to create a crisper crust. To prevent puffing and slipping during baking, the pastry is lined with foil and filled with pie weights, dry beans or uncooked rice. These are removed shortly before the end of baking time to allow the crust to brown. 
boil  Cook in boiling liquid in which bubbles rise vigorously to the surface. The boiling point of water is 212ºF at sea level.
braise  To brown meat or vegetables in small quantity of hot fat, then to cook slowly in small amount of liquid either in the oven or on top of the stove. Braising is an ideal way to prepare less-tender cuts of meat, firm fleshed fish and vegetables. 
broil  Cook by exposure to direct heat under the broiler of a gas or electric range, in an electric broiler, or over an open fire. 
brown  To cook food quickly on top the stove (in fat or without fat), under a broiler, or in the oven to develop a richly browned, flavorful surface and help seal in the natural juices. 
brush  To spread food with butter or margarine or egg, using a small brush. 
butterfly  To split a food such as shrimp, boneless lamb leg or pork chop, horizontally in half, cutting almost but not all the way through, then opening (like a book) to form a butterfly shape. Butterflying exposes more surface area so the food cooks evenly and more quickly.
candy  To cook fruit in a heavy sugar syrup until transparent, then drain and dry. Also, to cook vegetables with sugar or syrup to give a coating or glaze when cooked.
caramelize  To melt sugar slowly over very low heat until sugar is liquid, deep amber in color and caramel flavored.
chill  To refrigerate food or let it stand in ice or iced water until cold.
chop  To cut food into small pieces with a knife or small cutting appliance.
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